Technology and Business Intelligence to improve our services


In 2017, Automar started a digitization process of its business processes, integrating our operating procedures with innovative technological tools. This important step has allowed us to significantly improve the quality of the services offered. Our digital platforms have been designed to streamline internal processes, increase the speed of operations and the efficiency of our work to meet customer needs.

Automar Maint

The Automar Maint app allows you to optimize the maintenance of vehicles in storage on the service areas of Pontecagnano and Civitavecchia. The app has made possible to overcome the paper lists of interventions, making the management of the activities to be done on the stored vehicles more efficient, fast and dynamic.
The app has a dual functionality: the visualization of the work programmed by the system with the possibility to confirm its completion; the insertion of “spot” interventions, which are not programmed but necessary for the operators on site.


Automar360 is a digital platform which, through the latest technological tools, connects people, organizations and vehicles in an interactive business ecosystem to simplify the exchange of resources and information.
An omnichannel platform always accessible to stakeholders through a centralization of information on cloud infrastructure and an open IT architecture.
Thanks to this tool, Automar can receive, manipulate and assign the load to carriers and at the same time it allows customers to place orders and monitor their status in complete autonomy.

Automar Quality

Automar Quality is a digital platform for optimizing the process of carrying out and collecting quality checks within the company.
The data collected through the app, available in real time in a Business Intelligence panel, allows Automar Management to monitor and improve the performance of specific business segments, offering an ever better service to the Customer.

Automar People

Automar People is an integrated digital system designed to manage the visitor acceptance process faster and more efficiently. Thanks to its intuitive interface, the system allows visitors to easily register and gain access to authorized areas.

Furthermore, Automar People provides important information to visitors regarding the safety standards to be respected within the apron, thus helping to protect the safety and health of the visitors themselves and the apron operators.