Efficiency, Innovation, Sustainability

About us

Automar S.p.A., founded in 1974 in Italy, is a leading company in integrated logistics services for the automotive industry, thanks to the collaboration with the major world car manufacturers. The company stands out for its experience and know-how in logistics management and vehicle transport, guaranteeing highly professional and efficient services.
Today it is a owned by Bertani S.p.A., Grimaldi S.p.A. and Mercurio S.p.A.

Automar has continued, year after year, to develop and invest in cutting-edge technologies, including the digitalization of company processes and the reduction of the environmental impact of its activities.
In 2017, the company started the development of four innovative digital platforms, aimed at streamlining internal processes, improving the management of orders, stock, shipping and real-time vehicle information. In 2018, it launched the Green Program, a strategic project for the reduction of emissions and the adoption of sustainable solutions, such as the use of low environmental impact vehicles and the rationalization of activities.

These investments demonstrate Automar Logistics’ commitment to innovation and sustainability, guaranteeing an increasingly efficient, safe and environmentally friendly service.

Values we Believe in

Diversity and Equality

Diversity is the key to our success. We believe that a wide range of different individuals (between genders, nationalities, skills, abilities, education) represents an opportunity for comparison and continuous innovation.

Health & Safety

The health, safety and security of our employees are a top priority. Automar organizes free workshops for health protection and training courses on safety standards to be adopted in the workplace.

Environmental Sustainability

The environmental issue can no longer be postponed. The future of our planet is played out today. Automar undertakes to reduce the environmental impact of its activities through the use of renewable energies and by promoting virtuous behavior internally.

Social Commitment

Health and education are the basis of a healthy society and a competitive economy. This is why we are actively committed to supporting projects, associations and schools that can build a better future.